Allocated 2,8 Billion YLF (224 ETH)



WARNING!!! Dont send to another address!!


YLIFE Competition is a competition held regular each week consisting of the best matches in continental Europe. We use a system of parlay (a combined 6 match) with all the regulation matches FULL TIME (90 minutes)
All supporters get join a regular competition and can also get a chance to win prizes YLIFE AWARDS. There are no specific requirements for this regular competition, you only need a minimum of 25,000 YLF token to be able to participate and celebrate his in the weekly competition.

How to follow the competition

a. Joined the group a Telegram.
b. Fill the form competition and answer 6 matches
c. Send a minimum of 25,000 YLF as a terms to participate in this competition.
d. When you have completed the form competition and after payment is received,
please check your account in a spreadsheet is available on group telegram.

Q&A YLIFE Competition

Q: Who can participate in weekly competition?
A: All supporters who have at least 25,000 YLF (as a terms to participate in this competition).

Q: When filling out the form competition? (Check on our official telegram group)
A: Every Tuesday or depending on the schedule of top matches. Please fill in your answer and send minimum 25,000 YLF token between Tuesday 18:00 GMT to Friday at 18:00 GMT .

Q: Can participate with the same address?
A: Yes can, but One address only can participate two answers in one competition. If more than two, then the third answer is invalid and token you sent will not be returned.

Q: If there is a cancellation or postponement of the match?
A: Our conclusion, that if only 1 match then the competition was declared legitimate and the match as a answer is true (bonus). But if there are 2 match are void or postponed then competition was declared invalid and token will be returned immediately to the wallet of each participant.

Q: The Fault of the participants?
A: If there are participants that is not true or are not valid because of his error or not sending at least 25,000 YLF. But we will attempt to contact the participant via email or telegram.

Q: Black List Participants?
A: Our operators not to accept, reject and suspend the participant proven act of fraud, manipulation, or use the spam bot against competition.


YLIFE AWARDS is an award to YLife supporters who are routinely held every week and every 3 months. Our weekly awards call it "Supporter of the Week" with a 5,000,000 YLF (0.4 ETH) prize tokens, while every 3 months we call it "The Champions of YLIFE" with a big prize 90,000,000 YLF (7.2ETH) as the main prize.
We are committed to routinely managing YLIFE Awards according to the roadmap and the schedule that we have planned. YLIFE Awards with Big Rewards total prize to supporters winners.

Awards to Supporters

Supporters Of The Week (Weekly Awards)

Weekly awards with little gift 5,000,000 YLF (0.4 ETH) prize tokens every week. Supporters of The Week are awards for the best 50 supporters every week. The winner chosen is each supporter who is able to answer perfectly in each weekly competition.
Finally, the winner will get 100,000 YLF is free for each winner with a total maximum of winner is 50 supporters. our operational teams choose a winner based on the perfect answer and in the order of the fastest time of completing form competition (check in the spreadsheet)

The Champions of YLIFE (3 Month Awards)

This is an award every 3 months with a big prize 90.000.000 YLF (7.2 ETH) prize tokens. This award is a supporter award every 3 months edition. The selected winners are 25 supporters with Top 25 of YLF holder and Top 25 of Weekly Awards.

Top 25 Rankings of Weekly Awards Winners

The winners is selected based on:
- Total won the weekly awards (minimum 3 times).
- The overall token deposited in each competition.

Top 25 Rankings based on YLF holder.

The winners is selected based on:
- At least 5 times to participate in the weekly awards.
- Minimum 500,000 YLF in your wallet.

Announcement of The Winners

The announcement of the winners of each edition will announce in 12 hours after the match ended all.
Distributing tokens for winners of each edition will be sent to a maximum 24 hours after the announcement of the winners.

Prohibited doing the cheating, if found cheating the operations we will declare your participation is invalid.

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Fair Management of The Football Fans